Press release
Paris, 28 may 2019

EGERIE takes control of its future !

Jean Larroumets and Pierre Oger, the two founders of the startup that has become the leading SME in cyber risk management, in the space of just a few years, have just acquired 100% of the capital of their company EGERIE Software. Qualified engineers and founders of the firm FIDENS (which owned EGERIE until the beginning of this year), Jean Larroumets and Pierre Oger have distinguished themselves in the rise of the cyber sector in France since the beginning of the 2000s, through their work in consultancy, auditing and training. Faced with growing demand from end users for agile, collaborative, intuitive and dynamic cyber risk management solutions, they created EGERIE, which rapidly established itself as France’s leading cyber risk management company.

As is always the case in life, fledglings have to learn to fly one day. EGERIE has now done this, through this financial transaction, which is part of its independent pure player strategy and marks a turning point in our company’s development. This fits in with our strategy of expanding our network of partners, which are recruited from leading consultancy firms in the area of risk management.

Jean Larroumets, CEO EGERIE

The SME, which has managed to win the support and trust of big names, such as the Ministry of the Armies, the Port of Marseille, hospitals, major groups listed on the CAC 40, and key players in the banking and insurance industries, in France and Europe, is now engaged in a very promising growth dynamic.

We are committed to this approach, both in terms of skills, thanks to our dynamic and demanding team, which we will be strengthening over the coming weeks, with the arrival of new profiles in our management, sales and technical teams, and from a financial point of view. Our investment in R&D is constantly growing and currently stands at 4 million euros.

Pierre Oger, CEO

We are also engaged in the raising of capital in order to speed up our growth in Europe. Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing market and EGERIE’s prospects are indisputably attractive thanks to our double-digit growth…

Jean Larroumets

Following several major contracts signed at the beginning of 2019, EGERIE is among the final remaining candidates for the award of the very first EBIOS Risk Manager certification introduced by ANSSI.

It comes as recognition and a reflection of all the efforts we have made, as well as our expertise, which will now shine throughout Europe, thanks to this boost from ANSSI, and open up new possibilities for us! We can look ahead to this new adventure with peace of mind and optimism!

Jean Larroumets

EGERIE publishes Europe’s leading cyber risk management platform. The software solutions provided by this French SME enable companies to manage their cyber risks (EGERIE Risk Manager) and data protection (EGERIE Privacy Manager) with agility and intelligence. EGERIE already equips many major European clients (in sectors such as banking, health and defence), which are looking for accurate, visual decision-making information to best guide their cybersecurity operations, in line with their business challenges and regulatory requirements. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, analysis engine, and business and standards libraries, the EGERIE platform maps out organisations’ cyber risks and rationalises their cybersecurity strategies to be defined, implemented or maintained. Its centralised and collaborative platform makes it easy to integrate each new system or project into a company’s cybersecurity approach, ensure global monitoring that involves all key employees, and provide executive committees with all of the indicators they need to make decisions and rationalise their investments.