Cybersecurity will be an essential part of the port of the future !

Marseille today hosts Smart Port Day #1 organised by the Port of Marseille Fos, the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Aix-Marseille University, founding members of the ‘French Smart Port in Med’ scheme. Bringing together stakeholders in the port, digital and environmental ecosystem, the aim of this meeting is to promote and give shape to all actions imitated in order to build the port of the future, which is to be attractive, innovative, and meet current and future challenges through a strategy based on digital and sustainable development.

The final stage of the Smart Port Challenge

This day is also the last stage of the Smart Port Challenge launched as part of the French Smart Port in Med scheme last October. It is an opportunity for the competition’s seven winning startups to unveil their Proofs of Concept (PoC) and experiments carried out alongside their major client partners. “EGERIE was one of the finalists. Over the past four months, we have developed our project alongside Naval Groupe and received methodological support inspired by design thinking. ” says Jean Larroumets, Chairman and founder of EGERIE, France’s leading cyber risk analysis company. The aim of all this is to enable the Port of Marseille Fos to position itself as a standard-setting port in the area of risk management and cyberattack response, at national and international level

Mapping out the cyber risks of a major French port

Any discussion of smart or connected ports must involve the topic of cybersecurity. Smart ports cannot do without cybersecurity! In order to ensure that a port operates smoothly, we must be able to guarantee that hackers are unable to interrupt all or part of its activities. A cybersecurity approach begins with the identification of assets. All potential points of entry into the systems for hackers must be exhaustively identified. The challenge was therefore to develop an effective method to map out all technical aspects of the port’s digital systems. “We are seeing daily growth in cyber risks. In order to provide effective protection, organisations need to understand their risk situation and what needs to be protected. Cyber risks are also evolving rapidly, because attackers are innovative and increasingly resilient. It is therefore essential to have constant access to dynamic tools that enable collaboration, in order to meet the challenges we face. We never tire of repeating that each individual has a role to play and should promote a culture of security and cybersecurity. »

A decision-making aid

Involved with a civilian port for the first time, in interaction with the Aix-Marseille-Provence urban area, the EGERIE Risk Manager solution aims to improve decision-making by the Port of Marseille Fos’ management team through its proof of concept. « The tooled cyber risk management and mapping method integrated in the Port of Marseille Fos’ information system, thanks to our EGERIE Risk Manager platform, enables high-quality and autonomous risk analysis. Our tool will help the port control its cyber risks more effectively through the optimisation of analysis costs (by reducing the analysis cost and load) and the mapping out of cyber risks. The relevance of reports aimed at aiding decision-making by the management team is an essential point. » stresses Jean Larroumets, adding that: « The consequences of a blocked port affect economic activity, but can also have environmental impacts, whether it’s in terms of pollution or energy consumption . »

The EGERIE Risk Manager platform also allows Marseille’s smart port to remain a step ahead in terms of the economy and the environment. In terms of the economy, because the cybersecurity industry will be able to grow in the region, which is a new job pool for the sector. In addition to protected information systems and controlled cyber risks, economic performance will be boosted. In terms of the environment, it goes without saying that avoiding cyberattacks, through the use of a tooled, autonomous solution, makes it possible to avoid the consequences of potential attacks, such as excessive energy consumption or the return to paper solutions. “By responding to the issues and challenges faced by ports, the ‘French Smart Port in Med’ is strengthening Marseille Fos’ position as a port of excellence in terms of logistics, digital technology and energy performance. ” concludes the organiser.