ACE Management through its Brienne III Fund – the first French fund dedicated to cybersecurity – has led this round table.

Paris, 26 November 2019 – EGERIE, France’s leading cyber risk management company, has raised €4m, a round led by ACE Management, the European leader for private equity investment in cybersecurity. After a busy year with commercial success in France and Europe, the first EBIOS Risk Manager certification to be awarded by ANSSI, two nominations for Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and the upcoming office in London, EGERIE intends, with this round table, to accelerate its international development.

Founded by two pioneers in cyber risk analysis, Jean Larroumets and Pierre Oger, EGERIE is France’s leader in the integrated management of cyber risks. The company has developed an automated collaborative platform that rationalises companies’ exposure to cyber risks and mobilises organisations in matters ranging from regulatory compliance to optimised governance of cyber risk so that directors can make quick, informed decisions. To overcome these major challenges, organisations need a holistic, pre-emptive approach to cybersecurity.

EGERIE has already built a solid network of more than 25 certified partners across Europe, an ecosystem of over 150 certified cyber experts and consultants working with its solutions, and a Partners Club that makes it the biggest taskforce in France for analysing cyber risks.

Very active in Benelux and Switzerland, and operational in 40 countries alongside prestigious names in healthcare and banking, and critical infrastructure companies in general, EGERIE is benefiting from the strategic impetus that ANSSI has given to the EBIOS method, which should ultimately help cybersecurity companies to map risks at the European level. With such a burgeoning ecosystem and buoyant trend, this fundraising round is another step towards EGERIE ramping up its development and increasing penetration of new markets in Northern and Eastern Europe and French-speaking African countries.

Covering some ambitious projects with a structural impact, EGERIE’s roadmap will now focus on the emergence of trusted territories, involving local authorities in intelligent online projects, and governments in e-gov projects and national digital strategies on a 2025-2030 horizon, the massive deployment of European cloud confidence, and major international sporting events such as the 2023 Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.

We are delighted to be welcoming new first-rate investors and proud of the trust that our shareholders and clients are putting in our solution. With this fundraising, we will be able to accelerate the development and application of innovative solutions that meet the market’s current demands while anticipating the challenges of tomorrow, to encourage the emergence of a trustworthy digital world.

Jean Larroumets, CEO and Founder of EGERIE

Responding to cyber risk is a major issue for all organisations. Analysis of exposure to this risk, and monitoring of actions to mitigate risks over time, are now essential in guaranteeing the survival of any business

Gilles Daguet, General Partner of ACE Management

EGERIE’s particularly effective, user-friendly solutions provide a concrete response to simplify this echnical risk management and make it dynamic and accessible to everyone. We have also been particularly impressed with the quality of EGERIE’s management. Its two founders have managed to develop a scalable software solution that has the potential to make them global leaders in this field. We are happy that ACE Management can join this adventure.

Quentin Besnard and Stéphanie Hillard from ACE Management

EGERIE publishes Europe’s leading cyber risk management platform. The software solutions provided by this French SME enable companies to manage their cyber risks (EGERIE Risk Manager) and data protection (EGERIE Privacy Manager) with agility and intelligence. EGERIE already equips many major European clients (in sectors such as banking, health and defence), which are looking for accurate, visual decision-making information to best guide their cybersecurity operations, in line with their business challenges and regulatory requirements. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, analysis engine, and business and standards libraries, the EGERIE platform maps out organisations’ cyber risks and rationalises their cybersecurity strategies to be defined, implemented or maintained. Its centralised and collaborative platform makes it easy to integrate each new system or project into a company’s cybersecurity approach, ensure global monitoring that involves all key employees, and provide executive committees with all of the indicators they need to make decisions and rationalise their investments.

About ACE Management

ACE Management (a subsidiary of Tikehau Capital) is an asset management company that, for 20 years, has been specialised in capital investment for industry and innovation. It manages three main product lines, representing more than €500m of investment: Aerofund (aerospace), Brienne (defence & cybersecurity) and Atalaya (maritime). The main investors in these funds are European industrial groups, institutional investors, and French Regions. The first subscribers to the Brienne III cybersecurity fund created in June 2019 (which is financing this investment) are Tikehau Capital, Bpifrance, EDF, Sopra Steria, Naval Group and the New Aquitaine region. EGERIE is the Brienne III fund’s second investment, after Trust In Soft in October 2019. For more information