After a successful fundraising at the end of 2019, EGERIE continues to grow and has achieved, despite a constrained general climate, great success since the beginning of 2020.

This growth is part of the development approach to provide the entire cyber ecosystem with a 360-degree vision of the risk analysis and compliance management strategy to be implemented within organizations.

Thanks to its flexibility and agility, EGERIE’s collaborative and dynamic software platform has enabled a large number of users to continue their activities of managing cyber risks – which have been absolutely necessary in this context of the health crisis, where both operational risks and cyber-attacks have multiplied.

Strong sales despite the crisis

At the end of April 2020, EGERIE is pleased to have already surpassed its 2019 turnover.
« We are proud of these very good results and will continue this growth momentum that confirms that our strategy is the right one. In the difficult economic and health context we are going through, offering user-friendly services with high added value while maintaining a close relationship with our customers and partners was paramount. This has become even more pervasive as cybercriminals have not hesitated to redouble their aggression in these troubled times. » says Jean Larroumets, President of EGERIE.

With the battle playing out across the field of Europe, EGERIE continues its development strategy in European markets, particularly in the United Kingdom and the Benelux regions.

Learning to better anticipate tomorrow

While there are many unknowns about this pandemic and its consequences, it is undeniable that the associated risks are at the heart of economic action, with challenges to be met as well as plans for the future – because risk involves both accountability and responsibility.

« Learning lessons from this crisis can help us prepare for the future, to build a digital society that is inclusive, more respectful and more resilient. This requires anticipation of risks, and cyber risks in particular. The disruption we are experiencing is happening faster and faster, leading to more and more cybersecurity challenges, and requiring a rapid and comprehensive response from all of us. » Said Pierre Oger, Managing Director of EGERIE

A team that is united and involved

For the leader of cyber risk management, the year 2020 also represents an important growth year through the implementation of many continuous improvement projects in which all employees are involved. In addition, EGERIE will continue to expand its workforce by the end of the year.
« EGERIE is a committed company and we believe deeply in collective intelligence. With our collaborators, and those who will join us soon, we continue to write a very beautiful common story » Add the two founders, speaking with one voice.

It is in this context of accelerated expansion of resources that EGERIE had the pleasure of recently welcoming its Director of Operations, Pierre Calais.

Pierre Calais has more than 20 years of experience in management positions in security software with leading companies in their markets including Stormshield and Qualys. At EGERIE, Pierre Calais’ mission is to support the international growth strategy and strengthen the development of strategic and technological partnerships with major cyber service providers.