The software publisher EGERIE, a visionary, innovative, principled player in the cyber risk management market, has announced explosive growth in 2020, with a rise of 80% in the volume of its activity.

The company’s two founders, chairman Jean Larroumets and chief executive Pierre Oger, are unanimous in their response: “In the context of the current crisis, we are very proud of this performance.

At a time when the digital transition is accelerating in business and in wider society, the importance of cybersecurity is now unarguable. They add: “What we imagined twenty years ago is happening now, and we are lucky enough to be able to take part in this revolution! It will take time, just like the industrial revolution, but we already know that it will involve everyone – private companies, public entities, nations and citizens alike. We must therefore move forward together to build the digital world of tomorrow.

In practical terms, by offering its software platform, its analysis engine and its business and standards libraries, EGERIE enables its customers to develop a robust position for managing cyber risk, controlling their exposure and optimising their budgets.

The strength of this unique model has secured many new contracts for EGERIE, strengthening its position in strategic areas such as health, the public sector, banking, insurance, defence and industry.

 “Cyber risk is now a strategic issue for companies, which have to anticipate and review their operating processes to guard against it actively. More than ever, we have an obligation to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of the market. This means intuitive, collaborative software tools that enable quick action while involving senior management directly in cyber decisions,” explains Pierre Oger.

He adds: “We will keep investing to preserve our competitive advantage, forge new technological alliances and grow our network of partners and our community of experts.

This growth also has an organisational impact – EGERIE has so far doubled its staff despite the challenging health situation, and intends to continue recruiting at both its Paris site and its head office in Toulon.

EGERIE has a dynamic team with varied backgrounds and career profiles. In view of our growth and our international development, we want to grow the team still further, acquiring technical, commercial and organisational skills in France and abroad. Joining EGERIE is a human adventure driven by an attitude and a culture based on the essential values we believe in: respect, commitment and sharing.

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