Quantifying cyber risk: A strategic advantage for decision-makers

Risk Quantification: Making the invisible perceptible!

Understanding the impact of cyber risks on your organization to make decisions and thus control your risks in real time as clearly as your financial risks is what leaders need.

With the cyber risk quantification approach, we move from a documentary model to a model that allows the prioritization of remediation, the cross-referencing of information, and therefore smarter security based on continuous monitoring.

Positioning itself as a real decision-making system, the EGERIE platform thus allows managers to prioritize the most effective measures to cover these risks.

Once the measures have been aggregated, the tool delivers, in the form of dashboards and cockpits, a set of key indicators such as risk coverage, the overall cost of action plans, the percentage of risk reduction and an ROI indicator (the “loss avoidance”, the losses avoided thanks to the cybersecurity measures implemented).

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  • Quantifying cyber risk : information that could change everything
  • Rethinking your approach to cyber risk
  • Quantification, a complement to risk analysis
  • Estimating the probable frequency and impact of a risk: how?

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