The integration of new tools disrupts existing work processes and is generally not easy to manage. This requires the implementation of an internal change management strategy in order to maximize the time-tovalue of the new tool.

Getting the most out of your EGERIE platform is essential and critical to maintaining the performance of your cybersecurity programs. The
EGERIE Customer Success Manager is your strategic, technical and functional compass to optimize the value of your investment, throughout
your project.

Your EGERIE Customer Success Manager is part of a team of experienced professionals and will work with your team to ensure that your
cyber risk management strategy continues to align with your evolving requirements.
The expert intervention of an EGERIE CSM includes:

Dedicated support
and guidance during all key phases of your project

Advice on platform implementations and configurations

Sharing and recommendation of functional best practices

Support during version installations and upgrades (including PREMIUM versions)

Preparation and facilitation of workshops with your teams

Organization of regular validation meetings

Writing reports and minutes on the evolution of the EGERIE project

The management of fixes and evolution requests and the influence in the development of new functionalities

The communication of a precise vision of the EGERIE technological roadmap


A streamlined approach to your cyber risk management environment for better governance of your cybersecurity strategy. With an EGERIE Customer Success Manager, you can rest assured that your EGERIE deployment is aligned with your unique business objectives, today and tomorrow.

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