EGERIE is the leading publisher of cyber risk management solutions in Europe.

EGERIE offers a collaborative platform enabling a comprehensive, agile and structured approach to the governance, management and compliance of cyber risks and personal data protection.

Recognised by the highest government and regulatory authorities, EGERIE’s technology enables companies and government organisations to:

To accelerate its development and the deployment of its solutions, EGERIE received funding from ACE Management, the European leader in cybersecurity investment capital, at the end of 2019. 

EGERIE in a nutshell

years of cybersecurity and risk analysis expertise
consultants trained and certified on our solutions

revenue invested in Research and Development


Since 2016, EGERIE has been co-led by the two founders of the company: Jean Larroumets as CEO and Founder and Pierre Oger as VP Sales and Founder.


CEO and Founder of EGERIE

Jean Larroumets has spent his entire career in the field of cybersecurity, and has extensive knowledge of the technical, organizational, and regulatory workings. He is actively involved in industry governance bodies and in the professional associations of security and risk analysis including the Cyber Taskforce, the EBIOS Club, of which he is a founding member, CLUSIR Toulon and the French Tech Toulon Sud.

Pierre OGER

General Manager and Founder of EGERIE

Pierre Oger has been a technical, organizational, and regulatory expert on cybersecurity for many years. Today, he assists the major corporate and government departments in the consideration of Cyber risk and the implementation of a global cybersecurity management system. Pierre Oger is a member of several cybersecurity and risk management trades federations such as Hexatrust, of which he is VP and member of the Board of Directors.


VP Business International & Services

Pierre Calais has more than 20 years of experience in management positions in security software with leading companies in their markets including Stormshield and Qualys.  At EGERIE, Pierre Calais’ mission is to support the international growth strategy and strengthen the development of strategic and technological partnerships with major cyber service providers.


Head of Human Resources of EGERIE

Via a dual prism of advice and field, within a mutual company or a humanitarian association, Manon Baudin-Guizelin supports the development of organizations through the management of the talents and expertise of the employees who make them up.

Listening to others, she is keen to develop the entire HR strategy of EGERIE, from the company recruitment policy to the management of human and social relations.


Head of Marketing & Communication of EGERIE

Caroline Drobinski has supported companies in the cyber ecosystem such as Atos, Symantec, or RSA Security for long. She joined EGERIE to deploy the marketing and communication strategy. Her missions aim at the development of the brand awareness in France and Europe and bring together communities of business partners and users of the company’s solutions.


In the 2000s, Jean Larroumets and Pierre Oger, engineers by training, entered the cyber world, still anonymous, through a consulting, auditing, and training activity within a consulting firm they founded.

Together, and in conjunction with their large account clients, they developed software for their own consulting needs – a software that became a major success with customers who requested the availability of the solution for their internal use. This is how our dedicated and agile structure was born.

While the international Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) was already urging public and private sector leaders and decision-makers to address the issue of digital security risk and integrate it into their overall planning at that time (2002), it was not until 2012 that the French Army Ministry decided to make it a priority and thus highlight this issue that had become strategic. 

In 2016, Jean Larroumets and Pierre Oger create EGERIE as a Limited Company. As a result, EGERIE quickly established itself as a leader in cyber risk analysis, the first agile, collaborative, and industrialized cyber risk analysis technology platform.

In 2019, EGERIE received the first EBIOS Risk Manager label from ANSSI (French National Agency for Information Systems Security) as well as two first-rate “mentions” in GARTNER’s “Magic Quadrant for IT Risk Management” and as a “Vendor to watch”.

Moreover, to accelerate its development and create innovative solutions that meet the market’s current demands while anticipating the challenges of a trustworthy digital world, EGERIE has, in 2019, succeeded a fundraising led by ACE Management (subsidiary of Tikehau Capital Advisors) , the European leader for private equity investment in cybersecurity.

In 2021, despite the gloomy context linked to the health crisis, EGERIE has announced explosive growth with a rise of 80% in the volume of its activity.

In 2022, EGERIE intends to continue its rise and to deploy its expansion strategy in France and abroad.

Where are you in your cyber risk strategy?