EGERIE’s Values 

At its heart, EGERIE is a human adventure driven by a state of mind and a culture based on the essential values in which we believe: respect, commitment and sharing.

This is reflected by our dynamic and passionate team, which is made up of a variety of profiles with diverse backgrounds.
In our ecosystem, sharing information and experience is an absolute necessity. It’s what allows us to progress in an agile and collaborative way.

Digital technology is disrupting our value system, and sadly, the idea of “ethics” and “responsibility” are too often used for self-promotion.

But we see them as fundamental values. We apply them in the way we design our solutions, and also in our actions, both externally to our customers and our ecosystem, but also internally, from the recruitment process onwards, and in the day-to-day management of our teams. By sharing these values, we send a strong message to the whole community.

This notion of sharing is a cornerstone of a model of working. At EGERIE, collaboration is our modus operandi (and not only through our software platform). Everyone knows how to find in others, the elements that will make a project a success. This is why we believe deeply in collective intelligence. With our team, our ambition is to write a beautiful common story that combines experience and know-how with interpersonal skills.

EGERIE is thus a caring company where everyone can develop individually while participating in the collective success. This corresponds perfectly with the project we are developing.


EGERIE’s human adventures are reflected in our communication activities.
We are proud to help the careers of top-level athletes and competitors in their endeavours as they are surpassing of themselves, while being in control of the risks.

This is ingrained in EGERIE’s cyber “DNA”. EGERIE supports the Toulouse Rugby Club (RCT) in its Top 14 exploits and shares the club’s sporting values (and colours) of friendship, respect, and excellence.

EGERIE sponsors Matthieu Tordeur, an adventurer and lecturer who is a member of the French Society of Explorers. In 2019, he became the first Frenchman, and the youngest person in the world, to reach the South Pole solo and without refuelling (making him a Guinness World Record holder).

We recently accompanied him on his crossing of the Greenland polar ice cap, from south to north, by ski-kite. Other expeditions are in planning.

EGERIE is also committed to Impact For the Future, a media that highlights social issues including environment, education, culture, democracy and peace, diversity, diversity, and inclusion… In this way, EGERIE contribute to the work of personalities and organisations including UNESCO and the Good Planet.