Tool the Cyber Risk Analysis Process

Cybersecurity Risk Managers: Free yourself from Excel and gain in performance in the production of your risk analyses

From 125 € HT/month

Too often, Cybersecurity Managers and Cyber Risk Analysts use Excel spreadsheets to perform their risk analyses. But Excel is not an appropriate tool because it is not dedicated to risk analysis.

The EGERIE platform allows you to conduct risk analyses and to globally monitor the evolution of your cybersecurity posture and your compliance, continuously and in real-time. You benefit from consistent, comparable analysis results, much more quickly and easily.

Who is this EGERIE EGERIE PRO Offer for?

Cyber Risk Analysts or Cybersecurity Risk Managers who have to build and follow an initial risk analysis and present the results to their management

Cybersecurity experts from information security consulting firms or within organizations who must conduct a large number of risk analyses per year

– Cybersecurity Analysts and IT Governance Managers who must demonstrate every year a positive evolution of their company’s risk posture in compliance with the ISO 27001 standard via a security controls inventory, a Declaration of Applicability and a Risk Treatment Plan

Efficient and effortless risk analysis

Benefit from the agility of a SaaS solution that is quick to understand, available anywhere, anytime, and guides you through risk analysis, with dynamic updates of indicators as soon as new data is added to your analyses.


You don’t start from scratch and capitalize on the existing!

  • Gain in operational efficiency by reducing by 70% the time spent on risk analysis (compared to Excel) and on the building of the ISO 27001 Declaration of Applicability and your Audit reports
  • Easily identify the most critical risks to focus your efforts on what really matters
  • Improve risk anticipation over time
  • Standardize your approach to cyber risk analysis for optimal, enhanced, ongoing security and compliance
  • Accelerate the decision-making process and improve ROI by investing in priority security controls
  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with our dedicated EGERIE PRO offering, from 125€/HT per month.


Teams of experts at your disposal

At each stage of your project, assess and understand your security issues with EGERIE: