Cybersecurity is now a focus of great attention. Personal data protection and defence against cyberattacks have become priorities for both businesses and states. In an area where threats are evolving relentlessly, innovation is a prerequisite.

The ecosystem is highly dynamic and there is no shortage of expertise, even very specific, to make ideas a reality and launch new products. EGERIE is founded on strong values, among which respect for ethical rules is omnipresent. High professional standards, transparency and integrity are values shared by all our staff. They are the basis of our culture and guide all our activities.


The current situation underlines the degree to which we must develop and cultivate our culture of anticipation and our intrinsic resilience.

Tomorrow’s cybersecurity must be viewed through the lens of cooperation and co-creation.

We must work now to develop a culture of information sharing.  This coming together must of course include start-ups, SMEs and major groups. Each level represents a link in the chain that will enable our goals to be achieved collectively.

Because to develop strategies able to respond to the challenges of today’s world and the many threats and vulnerabilities of the future, continuous, dynamic analysis of the environment in which we operate is essential. A dynamic mapping of cyber risks is an inescapable element in defining the protective actions to be deployed immediately, together with the adaptations to be put in place as the risks evolve.


Since the response can only be collective, EGERIE plays an active role in developing the cyber ecosystem by leading several working groups and/or sharing its vision of the issues within several federations, including:

  • club ebios
  • ECS
  • European Champion Alliance
  • French tech Toulon
  • The Open Group

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