Faced with the strategic challenges of digital transformation, managing cyber risk becomes a differentiating factor for any company or organisation. EGERIE is referenced in the Defence sector as a solution for measuring and anticipating cyber risk.

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EGERIE helps CISOs, Cyber Managers and IT Managers respond to specific cybersecurity challenges:

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The EGERIE platform … partner of Diag Cyber Defence

EGERIE is referenced by ANSSI with the Ministry of the Armed Forces, as the first solution labelled EBIOS Risk Manager , to help protect companies in the Defence sector against digital risks.

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Are you a company in the Defence sector, and you want to assess the level of security of your information systems?

A measure of the Ministry of the Armed Forces’ SME ACTION plan, the Cyber Defence Diagnosis system for cyber-security assistance aims to reduce the digital vulnerabilities of SMEs and intermediate-size companies in the Defence industry. It means a beneficiary company can be part-funded for its cyber-security costs.


This diagnosis consists of an audit and advisory service, and possibly support for implementing recommendations.

Its action:


Support service in three phases:

Between 4 and 16 days of service provided over 3 to 9 months.

The service is carried out by an expert from a company certified as “Information Systems Security Audit Service Providers” (PASSI) by the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), expert in the EBIOS RM analysis methodology.

The service is provided in accordance with the specifications of the Cyber Defence Diagnosis, defined by Bpifrance and the General Directorate of Armaments (DGA) and approved by each expert. Eligible expenses are those relating to this service.


The system is financed by the DGA and implemented jointly with Bpifrance. Interested companies can contact either the DGA or Bpifrance to apply for the scheme.

The DGA gives a preliminary agreement on the eligibility of the company with regard to its defence activity. Bpifrance receives the company’s request on its online platform and checks the eligibility of the file.

The company chooses its cyber defence expert (*) and asks for a quote, which it sends to BpiFrance for validation. After completion, Bpifrance pays the consultant directly.

Managing the security of your information systems now begins with the EGERIE Platform

Jean Larroumets, PDG