UTAC, a leading international group in the fields of mobility, announces a partnership with EGERIE, the leading company of cyber risk analysis and management software in Europe.

At the heart of the connected vehicle, the usages of security of communications between vehicles and with their environment are very broad. The objectives are numerous and range from improving road safety, to optimizing traffic, through the development of new services and even anticipating the evolution of tomorrow’s driving.

UTAC has chosen EGERIE to conduct its cyber risk analyzes on innovative and complex projects. The tool allows to process a large volume of use cases and to carry out cyber risk analyzes in collaborative mode.

UTAC’s cybersecurity teams conduct analyzes around the use cases of smart and connected cities, which make it possible to anticipate cyber incidents, identify vulnerabilities and help design strong cyber concepts, to protect road users and help companies in the design of their products and services. UTAC leads several national and international innovation projects in the field of the new mobilities and the smart city.

As part of their collaboration, UTAC and EGERIE plan to work together on training in cyber risk analysis, particularly around the ISO/SAE 21434 standard.

About UTAC

UTAC, a leading company in the fields of digital and sustainable mobility, protocols and custom test systems, approval, certification, consulting and regulatory expertise, vehicle engineering, training, technical control, standardization, corporate events and festivals for vintage and sports cars, offers solutions, systems and services to players in the mobility, transport, tire, agriculture, petrochemical and defense sectors.

UTAC is the only official Euro NCAP test center in France and has a unique place in Europe thanks to its ISO 17025 accredited test laboratories.

The Group has 10 test centers and laboratories in France, the United Kingdom, Finland and Morocco, the USA as well as subsidiaries in Germany, China, Korea and Japan. UTAC currently employs approximately 1,280 people on its various sites and forecasts a turnover of €210 million in 2022. www.utac.com.


Thanks to its integrated software platform, EGERIE, a leading European software editor, enables organizations to industrialize their risk-based cybersecurity programs.

Recognized by the highest governmental and regulatory authorities, EGERIE’s collaborative approach and smart technology, helps customers centralize and orchestrate their cyber-risk assessment strategies by dynamically identifying the high risks & threats, measure the results of risk mitigation efforts while getting buy-in from all levels in the organization.

For more information www.egerie.eu