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EGERIE benefits from a community of over 450 expert consultants trained and certified in our solutions. We share our knowledge with them and construct risk analyses jointly to ensure they meet users’ needs in terms of their markets and their specific situations

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Agility and security must always be an integral part of cyber project management to create the conditions for effective risk detection and prevention. This is the whole purpose of risk analysis, which must be managed using an adaptive, dynamic model.

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Mobilising collective intelligence is now one of EGERIE’s priorities. This theme also applies with our in-house staff. To give the best of themselves, everyone needs to combine personal development with collective fulfilment. This is part of EGERIE’s DNA.


To detect malicious behaviour quickly and be as responsive and effective as possible when incidents occur, companies must strive to obtain maximum visibility over their infrastructure and their systems. This involves performing diagnostics and knowing which threats they may be exposed to and what they are covered against.

EGERIE’s tried and tested solutions enable organisations to implement monitoring tools and a dynamic risk-led management approach, adopting an effective stance in relation to cyber and guaranteeing better protection and security for their digital systems.
It should not be forgotten that controlling these risks is becoming a major asset in terms of their insurability, given the exponential growth of cyber-insurance.


Through the software platform, analytics engine, and with comprehensive business and standardized libraries, EGERIE allows users to develop a true risk mapping model, enabling them to define an agile and efficient cybersecurity strategy by mastering their level of exposure and optimizing their security budgets.

The solution is based on two core functional and technological building blocks to optimize risk analysis and to achieve a high level of performance:


Dedicated to mapping risks and recommending the means of treatment to control them. This component is aimed at CIOs, CISOs and the Risk Managers of large companies and institutions who want to master their cyber risks.


Designed specifically for DPOs of large organizations to enable them to be supported in managing
compliance with privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

The centralized, multi-user and multi-methodology aspects of the EGERIE software solution allows you to capitalize on the analyses carried out and the data obtained across elements, which results in both a significant reduction in time to act and allows an industrialization of risk analysis.

The software provides many expert knowledge bases – complete libraries modeling model systems, threat catalogues, vulnerabilities, and security measures, among others – from which risk situations can be modeled and evaluated.

Through import and customization, it also assures alignment with industry standards and any regulatory or legal compliance requirements.

By making these powerful risk analyses, simulations, and indicators available to organizations, the cyber approach pioneered by EGERIE can, through delegated administration of management modules and depending on the need of the organization, be directed centrally or from its operational departments or locations.


EGERIE technology is provided in SaaS or On-Premises mode.

The platform contains high-performance APIs compatible with the following connectors and platforms:

  • Document Management (GED) solutions
  • SSO solutions such as (OKTA, GoogleConnect etc.)
  • Project ticketing solutions such as Jira
  • AWS Platform, Azure, OVH
  • Others



  • Continuous and iterative process of risk analysis
  • Easy and quick deployment
  • Reducing risk exposure
  • Effective monitoring of key stages of risk management


  • Sharing experience and clear indicators
  • Personalization and allocation of responsibility of risk


  • Accuracy of analysis
  • 20+ built-in repositories
  • Certified operator training
  • Automatic and dynamic performance indicators (KPI)
  • Identify and understand all sources of risk
  • Ongoing development – integration of upgrades and new risk analysis methodologies


  • Continuous and flexible adaptation to changing risk situations
  • Automatic information reassessment and dynamic analysis
  • Flexible and tailored workflows
  • Multi-method risk analysis platform



The EGERIE software platform is packaged to adapt to your organisation and the architecture of your information system. Our solution is available on a centralised web platform in SaaS mode or in on-premises mode. It integrates easily with your architecture through high-performance APIs. To support you at every stage of your development, from achieving compliance to optimum governance of cyber risk across the organisation, EGERIE has developed a range of services with its certified partners:


EGERIE’s software platform is packaged to fit your organization and IS architecture. Our solution is available on a centralized web platform delivered as SaaS or in “on-premise” mode. It fits easily into your architecture with high-performance APIs. To support you at all stages of your development of optimized compliance with the governance of cyber risks at the corporate level, EGERIE has developed, with its certified partners, a range of services:

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