A New User Experience

The 360° view includes a transverse treatment plan as well as an enhanced risk interface, for a much more complete and consolidated view. You centrally view the progress of your treatment plans.

New layout:
New attractive colors, a new left menu and the choice between a Dark or Light Mode for displaying your graphics offer more ergonomics and clarity.

New guided and free navigation modes: Guided mode steps are now at the top of the interfaces, always visible and allow step-by-step navigation. The free mode is a thematic mode, in which the different interfaces are classified by themes. Navigation is faster and easier.

Increased agility and flexibility

Quick Edit:
Saves time by editing more objects at once, way faster.

System description: You can now choose the fields you want to see appear in your system description, for more precision.

Impact score:
New columns have been added to allow you to view the value of the impacts of each of your risks.

Several controls for a vulnerability:
You associate as many controls as you wish with the same vulnerability and distribute the effectiveness of the controls to reduce the risk of this vulnerability (ISO 27005, EBIOS 2010)

Automation of risk reduction

Automatic risk reduction:
For the EBIOS RM 2018 and ISO 21434 methods, with a modeling of all your risks and controls, and the percentage of effectiveness entered, a simple update of the status of the control automatically calculates the effect of risk reduction, for a real-time view of your risk posture. Our intelligent decision support system allows you to choose the most relevant controls in terms of the costs and investments they generate, in relation to the risk reduction they provide.


With its software platform, analysis engine and business and standards libraries, EGERIE enables users to develop a risk mapping as the basis for an agile, efficient cybersecurity strategy that controls their level of exposure and optimises their security budgets.

Its user-friendly interface allows a system’s cybersecurity to be assessed, decided and monitored, providing a global, centralised, up-to-date vision of the risk mapping and security measures.

EGERIE Risk Manager helps with the identification and evaluation of risk situations and the agile management of methods of controlling them by offering simulations and indicators.

Depending on the organisation’s needs, the cybersecurity approach can then be managed from both its central management and its operational bases, enabling the administration of management modules to be delegated.

Using an agile, user-friendly, structured and integrated approach to cyber risk governance and management, EGERIE Risk Manager enables you to maintain dynamic control over all your:

  • System vulnerabilities
  • Corrective actions
  • Project security
  • System approval

EGERIE Risk Manager makes available a set of expert knowledge bases (complete libraries modelling typical systems and catalogues of threats, vulnerabilities and security measures), which can be used to model and adapt risk situations.

This makes it easier to predict and calculate actual risks, perform self-diagnostics, plan and monitor security measures and automatically produce reports, registers and indicators.

EGERIE Risk Manager also enables compliance with the industry’s standards: ISO 27001, ISO 27002 and ISO 27005 and any other regulatory or legal documentation via imports (PCI-DSS, RGS, LPM, GDPR, internal ISSP, HDS, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, MITRE ATT&CK, CNIL repositories etc.).

EGERIE also incorporates several methodological standards for risk analysis:
ISO 27005, EBIOS v2, EBIOS 2010, EBIOS Risk Manager, simplified methods (risks and measures), ISO 21434.

In addition, EGERIE contributes regularly to the preparation and development of standards through very active involvement in several professional and regulatory federations, including:  

EGERIE Risk Manager is supplied in cloud or on-premises mode.


EGERIE Risk Manager brings you key features to help you conduct your cyber-risk assessments in a smart and digitalized way, save valuable time throughout the process and ensure cybersecurity continuity :



A dynamic, risk-led management approach enables organisations to adopt an effective stance in relation to cyber and guarantee better IT security.

Industrialisation of the cyber risk analysis process

Industrialisation involves switching
from a small-scale mode
to a fully-equipped
and understood model
of cyber risk analysis.

Consolidation and assessment of cyber risks

Systematic risk assessment enables the risk mapping
to be continuously consolidated.


Whether you are a CISO, Risk Manager, Cybersecurity Expert, Project Manager or Data Protection Officer, the EGERIE platform is your ally for the fast and efficient implementation of your cybersecurity and personal data protection policy.

Model, analyze, anticipate and manage your cyber risks and your GDPR compliance with a centralized global approach to ensure your protection over time, with complete peace of mind.


Easy deployment and significant reduction of risk exposure

Continuous and iterative process of constructing risk mapping

Compatibility with numerous reference systems and partner solutions

Intuitive software designed for the user

Reliable indicators and associated justifications

Feedback from the different profiles and sharing of the data produced

Flexible adaptability of modifying treatments to risks

Extendible, expandible and extensive

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May 24, 2021

Cybersecurity risk management collaboration tool compliant with ISO/IEC 27005 and 27701.

 EUROPE DIVISION CSO & CISO in the Communications Industry

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