You sometimes struggle to communicate a clear picture of your organization’s risk and cybersecurity posture, you have difficulty prioritizing your cyber investments, you feel like your COMEX doesn’t understand you…

EGERIE technology now allows you to financially quantify your cyber risks (Open FAIR™ – Factor Analysis of Information Risk method) and helps you and your Executive Committee make better, faster decisions to reduce risks and their impact on your organization.

The power of the EGERIE model for the financial quantification of cyber risk

Risks Universe

By leveraging existing cyber processes within your organization, EGERIE technology collects all of your operational cyber risks and now aggregates them into a strategic Risk Universe for even more informed decision making.

Financial evaluation of scenarios and calculation of your ROI Each strategic risk scenario is evaluated using the scientific Open FAIR™ approach. It is broken down into different variables to estimate its likelihood of frequency and magnitude of financial loss, for your organization.

Thanks to the EGERIE technology and its “360° View”, the breakdown of strategic risks into a multitude of operational risks remains simple to understand, and the management of all specific reduction controls is easy.

The powerful EGERIE automatic risk reduction model allows you to determine precisely which controls to integrate into your cybersecurity programs, while comparing the savings made (loss avoidance) with the investments (ROI calculation). You can build detailed financial action plans for each of your managers in the blink of an eye and follow them over time.

Make your cyber posture objective and challenge your insurer

The EGERIE platform gives you a precise, objective and clear vision of your risk situation, and of your security posture to present to your insurer or insurance broker, in order to adapt or review your insurance contract and the associated premiums.

Indicators for quantifying and monitoring your overall cybersecurity program

You have all the tools you need to make informed decisions, adapt your action plans and manage your cybersecurity program dynamically and continuously.

Added Value

Capitalize on existing qualitative analysis data for accurate quantification.

Clear and concrete results, your Executive Committee understands you and is made aware of the cyber risks.

Rebalancing of cyber investments to be made.

Optimized action plan management based on the effectiveness of risk treatment controls.

Accurate and fair calculation of cyber risk coverage by insurers.


If you are considering taking your cybersecurity program to the strategic level, contact us to learn how we can help you get started..