Digital risk, far from being an abstract concept, must be central to our concerns.

Cyberattacks impact all of society – individuals, the public sector, local authorities, the private sector, the government etc. – attackers are increasingly exploiting the relationships of trust between partners to access the information they want.

Highly organised groups are doing their utmost to prepare for what could be the battles of the future, hacking into the infrastructure of the most critical systems. This is why it is essential for us all to grasp this subject, and as soon as possible.

The “good news” is that, so strategic as this issue become, it is becoming more and more difficult for decision-makers to ignore the threat…

Recognized for its expertise and robust, agile solutions able to respond to constantly evolving cyber-risks, the cybersecurity sector has all the skills and energy it needs to address European and global markets and to preserve our digital sovereignty.

Because innovation requires a vision of the future and faith in humanity. At EGERIE, these are the values that have driven us forward since our entrepreneurial adventure began. These profound convictions give rise to significant innovations by generating trust and collective intelligence.

This white paper is an invitation to think about how we can work together to build an ambitious, virtuous and successful cyber circle.

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